Who’s behind that window?
Hi my name is Vonda and I got the inspiration to roll out “Rollin Lobstah” from a trip I took with my mom to visit my Aunt in Martha Vineyard. It all started when I ordered my first Lobster Roll from the Seafood Shanty in Edgartown. I was on a mission after that to try every Lobster Roll I could get my hands around. My next one was from the Quarter deck it was tasty but I must say my awakening moment was when we visited the small fishing village of Menemsha. The best Lobster Roll of the trip came from The Galley. It’s is a small shack that is known for its Lobster Rolls and ice cream. Also part of JAWS was filmed there but the rolls are the star of this show. They get the lobster from the local fishermen right off the boat. After ordering we took a stroll to the beach to enjoy the scenery. Sitting on the beach enjoying that magnificent sweet lobster on that toasted buttery roll and watching the sunset fade into the distance I was thinking that I would probably not get to taste something this good again until my next trip. Well the rest is history. The idea of Rollin Lobstah was born. And we are Rollin Thru delivering up a taste of Maine with the best darn Lobstah Rolls this side da ocean.